Swanslake is a Kennel created with a lot of love and respect to animals and natural enviroment. The concept of creating the kennel came from our involvments with the care of animals in the family farm held on for several years, which is also included in agrotourism.

In all this, our favorite breed of dogs "the Labrador Retrievers" could not be missing. For this reason we decided to keep a small high quality kennel using only top blood lines for our breeding of "Labrador Retrievers".

This loving kind and compassionale to their owners breed, have excellent detection and working abilities are athletic, love to play catch and to retrieve toy's and dummies, are very good and protective with children and love to swim.

As you can tell this is the reason why the mentality and spirit of this kind of dog "the Labrador Retrievers" has forever captured our soul.

Our wish and desire is to make more people discover the joy of being a Labrador Retriever lover and owner. For this reason we have put our soul into our breeding.